I grew up an Army brat, so living other places in the world is more or less my M.O. Let’s be more specific about that, though. I’m 33, and I’ve now lived in 17 different places. This has had its advantages and disadvantages, of course, but at present it’s important from a cultural observation perspective. I’ve been in China for almost nine years now, and my observations here collide not only with previous experiences in China, but also with memories of Arabic, north African, and American (in all its variety) culture. You can go two ways with that: academic seriousness, or humor. I tend towards the latter. Which isn’t to say you won’t come across some heavy stuff occasionally. I’m still an academic (just finished a Master’s degree in Chinese Literature at Nankai University), so you’ll have to bear with the occasional serious commentary piece. But hang in there! Humor is still on its way.

Strictly for biographical information, I was born in North Carolina, went to high school in Amman, Jordan, speak Chinese and French (working on Russian), and am currently dating Marie Rodiet, a beautiful French girl I met in Tianjin.


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  1. elisa says:

    love your reflection —Taiwan, part 7: What You Can Learn When You Don’t Understand___very very inspirational?why i dont have laowai friends intelligent as you!

  2. JB says:

    Dude, your blog is hands down the funniest China blog in existence. Maybe even the funniest blog of all time, in general. It has kept me sane for some of my crazy China experiences. Keep it up!!!!!

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