By Comparison, Tianjin is. . .Well, Hard to Describe

Some of you may be wondering: what has made you approach Tianjin with such a “meh” perspective? By way of explaining this, and also adding some pictures to my blog, which is currently photographically barren, I would like to submit the following:

This is a view of the village of Saints, where Marie’s parents live, an hour and a half from Paris. It’s so picturesque and beautiful that it seems almost unreal. This photograph doesn’t do it justice.

This is a little public park in Coulommiers, and I should point out that it isn’t a national landmark or anything. This is just a standard public park in France. In Tianjin it would be the absolute hub of the tourist industry.

And this is the cathedral across the street from Marie’s parents’ place. Across the street, people. But then that’s France: what would be a tourist attraction in another country is just a part of the neighborhood. I’ll try to post more pictures in the coming days and weeks, now that I finally understand how to do that (I know, I know). This is just an opening salvo, and I think you’ll understand why, with these kinds of visions dancing through my head, Tianjin isn’t exactly a dream destination.


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  1. James says:

    I’ve traveled to nearly all of the provinces in China, and been to many places touristy and not at all touristy.

    In general, the food is good to great. The people are great, but the bureaucracy is horrendous.

    The scenery is bad. There is nearly no place you can go that hasn’t been touched, transformed and destroyed. It doesn’t take too long before it becomes a low-grade bone-deep weariness to even look at.

    I didn’t quite kiss the clean moss-and-lichen covered trees when I got back to Oregon, but I felt like it. Mountains, clean rivers, and no litter! Ahhhhhh.

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