Daily Archives: September 17, 2012

By Comparison, Tianjin is. . .Well, Hard to Describe

Some of you may be wondering: what has made you approach Tianjin with such a “meh” perspective? By way of explaining this, and also adding some pictures to my blog, which is currently photographically barren, I would like to submit the following: This is a view of the village of Saints, where Marie’s parents live, an hour and a half… (more…)


A Gallery of Absolutes

Contrary to the prevailing opinion of modern, post-modern, and whatever is post-that academics, there are absolutes. I know that term is becoming difficult to deal with, especially if you’ve spent any time considering the ramifications of the Higgs-Boson particle (“It exists! Er. . .well, it KIND of exists. That is, it’s in and out of existence so fast we can’t… (more…)