Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

Taiwan, part 6: The Tao of Boredom

A boring class is a boring class. It doesn’t matter where you are, and it doesn’t matter who. It doesn’t even matter if you speak the language or not. It could be in French, Spanish, ancient Farsi, or Martian (even ancient Martian), within five minutes of the start of a boring class you know you’re in trouble. Today’s class was,… (more…)


The Adventures of Sycamore Chip, Sleep-Deprived Squirrel Detective: The Case of the Mockingbirds

Fresh off of his resounding triumph over the badger, Chip went in search of the mockingbird. He had worked himself into a froth over the matter of the bird’s repeating everything other people said. Since the badger had mentioned it in passing, Chip had come to see the matter as of the highest severity. The forest could not long continue,… (more…)