Daily Archives: July 19, 2011

Taiwan, part III: Cockroaches, Bubble Tea, and Did He Just Say That?

Well, it’s some horrible time in the wee hours and I still can’t seem to get to sleep, so I’ll do some writing instead. Is it a good or a bad ambition to want your writing to put you to sleep? Today started out quite well indeed. I got to sleep just fine last night, due largely to extreme fatigue… (more…)


Taiwan, part II: Airport Profanity Police, Middle School Choirs, and the Taiwanese ROTC

Aaaaaand. . .we’re off! It took a while to get through immigration and security in the Tianjin airport, due partly to the way the staff there runs things, and partly to my forgetfulness. I got to the immigration desk and the lady there pointed out that I hadn’t filled out one of those little yellow departure cards, prompting a profanity… (more…)